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Sat 12th May 2018 - 12:46pm Gaming CS:GO

One week ago we finally locked our CS:GO team. We have had our ups and downs in the past with rosters changing and having to look for stand-ins for various occasions (Copenhagen Games, for example, where b0denmaster helped us out last minute). The final, and current, roster consists of John “peitriK” Svensson, Isak “blandfers” Alexius, Filip “Quadez” Johansson, Elias “Twinkey” Kjellander and last, but not least, our IGL Henric “hechtikal” Öhlund. All five with plenty of merits written on their curriculums - blandfers, for one, partook in last year’s Gamerz where he played for Team Red.

A quick meet and greet was all we had time for before it was time to head into the very first game of the BYOC tournament of a $10.000 prize pool. The day started off solid, and kept on going so, as we finished off with a 3 out of 3 wins in Friday’s set of group stage matches.

Saturday started off with a quick meeting, summarizing our previous games. Heading into the first game we started off on a slightly rockier path. A game in which we truly believed we would come out victorious, our opponents managed to turn the tables and come out on top instead. We did however not let this setback get the better of us, but returned stronger in Saturday’s second game where we secured yet another victory, turning our total score to 4 wins to 1 loss. Now, this is where things sadly got confusing. All of Granit Gaming were certain that another victory would secure a spot for the playoffs, despite the outcome of the other games. This conclusion was based off of the round differences between the teams of our group. We were playing cat and mouse for the 2nd place in our group stage and in the end there was not only Granit Gaming who had a score of 5-2, but also the team which we lost to the same very morning. To all of our surprise we didn’t make it through, but were kicked down the ladder to a 3rd place, due to us having lost to this very team. The amount of rounds won were unfortunately not taking into account and Granit Gaming was therefore sadly missed the playoffs.

Despite slight irritation and disappointment hovering the air around our booth we recovered quickly. We hadn’t played together for long and performed extraordinary well. The Granit board of administration is nothing but proud and happy about our players’ performances. We are undoubtedly coming out stronger from this defeat and will return for next year’s Birdie LAN with the 1st prize in all of our crosshairs.

Now a day off before we turning home. Thank you Birdie LAN and Uppsala for an amazing event overall. Not only did you provide our players with a worthy environment to pursue our dream’s work, but you also provided us with a forum to tie plenty of new connections. We might not leave richer in terms of financial resources, but the experience and new friendships outweighs the former by a longshot.

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