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Fri 27th Apr 2018 - 2:43pm HOTS General Gaming

Our journey began in December last year. Granit Gaming was merely an idea existing in our heads. That we were going to compete in the HGC Open Division was something that we, the owners of the organisation, had mapped out since the very beginning. Regardless of the team we were going to establish we were headed to the Open Division. We got in contact with Oscar “Gnappe” Svanberg a while before the games began and since then the road turned clearer with each day.

The boys started out with a decent first cup, January 29th. We scored 10 points, while the winners, Team Singularity, brought home a total of 120 points.That being said we were not topping the ladders from the very beginning, but our roster was far from new to these sort of competitions. By analyzing a majority of our opponents we managed to improve ourselves. From learning from mistakes and from our opponents the team of Granit Gaming was soon about to show its true face.

The Open Division was divided into 7 cups, each played over the course of two days. The group stages were usually played Monday, while the final games played on Tuesday. By playing these cups teams gathered points, representing their achievements throughout the tournament. The top 8 teams would by the end of the 7 cups qualify to the playoffs where they would battle it out to become one of the top two teams, thus getting a shot at a spot in the HGC in the so called Crucible.

Our road has been bumpy. With connectivity issues affecting some of our games we were far from certain that we would make it all the way, although truly believing in our team’s potential. We started off on a rocky path in the playoffs, having issues with both the game client and internet connection. As a result to this we got kicked down from the upper bracket to the lower bracket. Our road to the final, and the Crucible, had taken what felt like a U-turn. Despite the setbacks we managed to climb back and make it to the final. Granit Gaming had therefore secured their spot for the Crucible.

Recent news shared from Blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm-channel revealed that our opponents the 5th of May will be team Leftovers. 

Did we ever think to make it this far when we first started Granit Gaming? We certainly believed that we had what it takes to eventually make a brand for ourselves, but never in our wildest dreams could we have imagined that this development would move so quickly. That being said we will continue to work hard with Granit and grow within more eSports scenes. We would like to direct a huge thank you to everyone who has stood faithfully by our side throughout the Open Division. We would at the same time like to welcome new fans to this community. You’re one of the main reasons this organisation can keep on growing and existing.

See you all in the Crucible! Let’s make this happen! 

- Granit Gaming CEOs Ludwig Wegmann & Kim Engström

Granit Gaming

Granit Gaming

Granit Gaming

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