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Copenhagen Games

28th of March is the date and the Granit Gaming Counter-Strike roster has begun making their way to the Stockholm Central station. By their sides the two CEOs of the organisation, who have taken on the responsibility of organising this very first trip together.

Five hours on a high speed train and we arrive in the capital of Denmark. Another 20 minutes spent together with a very talkative taxi driver and we finally set foot on the arena floor. All seven, with their bags over their shoulders, waiting in line to get access to the area where we will spend most of our coming three days. The line progresses slowly and steadily, and we finally make it to the counter where we show the staff our tickets. We are shortly afterwards lead to the enclosed nonBYOC area where our rented computers await the team’s arrival. Bags halfway unpacked, computers buzzing, followed by thorough in-game setups and Granit Gaming is officially underway. Our schedule for the day is rather strict. We have to get familiar with the gear, the atmosphere, not to mention get ready for the following day when the tournament is set to begin…

29th of March. Gameday. We are placed in bracket group 10 for the main qualifier alongside Team 123 and Epsilon Esports. We are up to a quite rough start and lose 16-6 versus Team 123, who advance to facing Epsilon Esports on the main stage. Granit Gaming keeps on fighting but is sadly pushed down from the Main Qualifier to the B-tournament.

30th of March. B-tournament plays begin. This time we share bracket group 19 with the two Danish teams Lyngby Vikgings and Nævermind. The Granit Gaming squad is hungering for revenge and beats Nævermind with a score of 16-11. We move forward, preparing to be facing Lyngby Vikings but get off to an unfortunate first half of the game. We manage to close their lead slightly but fall 16-7, thus ending the tournament for our part. For this time.

Copenhagen Games was an interesting event both for our team and us managers. We are undoubtedly one experience richer and happy with our efforts despite returning to Stockholm without prize money. Our competitors were strong, but we will come back.


Granit Gaming

Granit Gaming

Granit Gaming

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