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Mon 9th Apr 2018 - 9:30pm HOTS General Gaming

January 29th 18:00 marked the beginning of Granit Gaming’s involvement in the competitive eSports scene. With a roster of five eager Heroes of the Storm enthusiasts the organisation took a step into the HGC Open Division tournament. This tournament would play for roughly seven weeks, followed by a playoff where the top 8 teams from the tournament’s previous games were to battle it out. By our side stood Gnappe (Sweden), Kirwa (France), Raidbawz (Germany), Olf (Germany) and Meinkraft (Germany) ready to carry the Granit flag across the finish line.

Week after week went on and we managed to defend our spot amongst the top 8 teams in the ladderboard. We ended up 4th in cup 7, thus securing our spot for the playoffs - the final tournament within the Open Division. This tournament was going to decide what two teams would advance to the Crucible for a chance to win a spot in the HGC.

Granit Gaming got off to a rough start in the playoffs. Due to bugs and connection issues we had to forfeit our games versus Team Go in the upper bracket. As a consequence to this we were pushed down to the lower bracket. Did this setback stop our heroes? Absolutely not. They fought, fought and fought their way through the lower bracket, eventually facing teams that would really put our heroes’ skills to test. For hours our games went on, securing a 3-1 win versus Team Singularity in the semi finals meaning our spot in the Crucible was finally secured. We had made it. Granit Gaming had officially made it out to be amongst the top 2 teams of the HGC Open Division.

We are, to say the least, incredibly proud of what our team achieved together and are looking forward to the Crucible next month (May 5th-6th). Whom will we get to face, and will we manage to steal their spot in the championships?

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